Átmano mokshártham jagad hitáya cha, 'For one's own salvation and for the welfare of the world'

Professional Convention

Professionals engage in various fields in society are mainly confined to their own circles irrespective of any concern for others because of their hectic schedule of works. They are not concerned about the problems of individuals outside their circles. In such a way, they have become in a sense of selfishness and self-oriented. In order to become a good officer or official, one must need to be a good moral and ethical person. The activities of these people should be given a human orientation. To put them in selfless activities, they need to go through the life and teachings of great personalities like  Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Holy Mother, Sister Nivedita, and direct disciples of  Sri Ramakrishna and other personalities. Swami Vivekananda has pointed out that  " Unselfishness is God ". So in order to  spread the ideals of these great personalities , these professionals are invited to attend this type of convention to listen to the discourses of the Senior Monastics of our order and resourceful persons.