Átmano mokshártham jagad hitáya cha, 'For one's own salvation and for the welfare of the world'

General Enquiries

There are no specific requirements for visiting and taking part in the various activities of the centres of the Ramakrishna Order. Many people volunteer  their time and energy to aid the various service-oriented activities of the organization. The daily evening Arati and devotional singing is a part of most of the centres. Many centres also have a definite schedule of daily/weekly/monthly discourses, spiritual-meets (Bhakta Sammelan), annual celebrations, seminars, retreats etc. You may seek out the head of the particular centre for spiritual counsel.

If especially interested in volunteering for some of the activities of the Math/Mission, you are encouraged to regularly visit the centre and get to know the monastics and other senior volunteers/devotees.

In this huge world with its large population, every activity is supposed to be done as a Yajna (sacrifice). As long as it is so, the world and its inhabitants, human or otherwise, live in harmony and satisfaction. Unfortunately, it is not the case with our present world. Hence the conditions in the world are also not Satisfactory and peaceful.

Every individual must think about meeting his own necessities and he/she may even think of the means to fulfil his/her small legitimate desires. But if an individual, all his life, spends his (or her as the case may be) time, energy and money only for his own self interests, he becomes a bane to world and also to himself. All the great personalities in the history about whom we remember, study and revere were those who thought about themselves only minimally and served the world around without reservations with as much time, money, and energy then could gather – personalities like a Buddha, a Christ and a Vivekananda.

The joy in serving others without any selfish motive is infinitely greater than catering to only one’s own desires and needs because the latter can be and is done even by animals. It is a joy to be tasted personally. We invite every one to cultivate this habit of Service.

There are various ways to serve the society. 


You could join us in one or more of the following ways:

  1. You could, if you are a doctor, serve in our Charitable Dispensary. Contact the office.
  2. You could, if you can and are qualified, teach various classes mentioned in GAP and Students Hostel.
  3. You could, if you are a college/School/Institution, let us open a Vivekananda  Study Circle. Contact  our office.
  4. You could, if you have time and temperament, serve as a volunteer in our bookstalls or in the Temple, Hostel, Dispensary occasionally or regularly, depending upon the case, under the guidance of the Swamis of the Ashrama. Contact office.
  5. You could serve in our Annadanam, Nara Narayana Seva, Contact office.
  6. You could help spread Ramakrishna-Vivekananda-Vedanta inspiring literature by helping our Viveka Bahini go to your place or yourself going to various places in North Bengal. Contact office.
  7. If you have the abiloity to sing  songs/hymns, Bhajans. Contact Office.
  8. You could also serve in providing technical assistance or by giving suggestions to help improve this website. Contact Jalpaiguri@rkmm.org
  9. You could also serve us by accepting our services in and through these institutes and grow yourselves and later help society in cultivating values and other essentials by leading an ideal life.
  10. You could donate money or in kind for all these various services conducted by the Ashrama. Contact our office or visit the ‘Donate’ section of this website.