Átmano mokshártham jagad hitáya cha, 'For one's own salvation and for the welfare of the world'

Gadadhara Abhyudaya Prakalpa (Integrated Child Development Project)

A comprehensive child development project where children from lower strata of the society are chosen through survey for their integrated development i.e. Hygienic, sense of goodness, everyday class work, their medical fitness and other parameters like moral, spiritual  with a view to enable themselves a complete man. The main objectives of the programme are the development of socio- economically and educationally backward children through  educational, physical , spiritual and Cultural and mental development and also to attract the dropout children. The Children are provided day breakfast with nutritious food free of cost.  Strict monitoring of each child as to their educational, physical, cultural, spiritual growth is maintained separately for their overall development through the programme.  One doctor is engaged for regular  periodical checking.

The Primary Aims of GAP

(a) To instill moral and cultural values in the aforesaid targeted children

(b) To educate them with special coaching on their school subjects

(c) To inculcate a sense of cleanliness and hygiene in them

(d) To nourish them for their physical development

(e) To prepare them to be good citizens of India



Monday to Sunday( Wednesday holiday).

  1. Reporting
  2. Attendance- class wise format
  3. Self-study - 
  4. Assembly – Prayer, Concentration
  5. Classes on different subjects including music and moral values and educational film shows.
  6. Tiffin, visiting a temple 
  7. Activities – Games, cleaning of classrooms
  8. Disperse

Note:  Saturday one extra class for Games from 1500 hrs and Sunday classes will  start    from 0800 hrs. The proakalpa has been functioning since July, 2017. Number of  Students are at present 52.